Keg Monitoring


Build your own system for as little as $99.

By Hobbyists By Hobbyists....

For hobbyists.

We like building stuff, and making it easier for you to build it too.

That's why the system has an open API making it easy to interface with any hardware, not just ours.

Features Features

  • Temp monitoring and control
  • Beer consumption tracking
  • Kegerator access control
  • Free online interface
  • Social media integrated
  • No PC required
  • Open/Free API
  • Flexible hardware options
  • And much more....

Overview Overview is an Open Source Arduino powered Kegerator controller.

From controlling kegerator or fermentation temperatures from your web browser, to monitoring which one of your friends is drinking the most beer, makes it possible.

Socially Integrated Integrating Your Kegerator With....

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